Black Church Leaders Apologize to LGBT Community

ShareBlack church leaders apologize to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community?  Did I read that right?  Yes, we did!  Maybe gay rights are at a tipping point, when religious leaders in the black community are inviting us into their churches for real conversation and dialogue.   According to an article on, the community event […]

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Black, Gay & Elderly

ShareA new documentary called “GEN Silent” explores how the LGBT community is dealing with being out and growing older.  In many cases, it is forcing our seniors back into the closet just to survive in their retirement communities.   Featured in the documentary is Lawrence Johnson, an African-American gay man in his mid-sixties who struggles to […]

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Transgender Black History Month: Lucy Hicks Anderson

ShareIn honor of Black History Month, BlackAmericaWeb profiled Ms. Lucy Hicks Anderson, a transgender woman who lived from  of 1886-1954.   According to the article, Lucy was “the first transgendered black person to be legally tried and convicted in court for impersonating a woman.  During the trial, Anderson, who had been living the life of a […]

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Lesbian Black History Month: Barbara Jordan

ShareBlack lesbians made history too!  Today marks what would have been the 75th birthday of Barbara Jordan.  Representative Barbara Jordan (D-Texas) was the first African-American woman elected to Congress from a southern state. She was known as an outstanding orator and Constitutional scholar. According to the Jordan Rustin Coalition, “Jordan was a lesbian with a longtime […]

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Openly Gay Man Featured in BET Black History Month

ShareBET is making history of its own this Black History Month.  As part of its “Modern Day Black History Hereos” public service announcements, BET is highlighting openly gay activist Kenyon Farrow, the former director of Queers for Economic Justice.  In the spot, he says, “When I saw the way in which my community was dealing […]

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Black Gay Movies & Directors at Pan African Film Festival

ShareBlack gay movies are too few and far between, so we’re going to give them as much attention as we can here!  We’ve already profiled the lesbian love story “Love…Another 4 Letter Word” and the drama “Children of God” but here are a couple of other LGBT films that will be showcased at the Pan […]

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