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Gay Man Assaulted & Speaks Out on YouTube

ShareTweet Justin Alesna, a 23-year-old resident of Detroit, says he was violently attacked in a convenience store in northwest Detroit. He said while waiting in line to buy a pack of cigarettes, another customer started using anti-gay slurs, asking him “What are you a fuckin’ homo?” among other slurs. Then punched him in the eye […]

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Gay Rights Activist Murder Blamed on U.S. Evangelicals

ShareTweet Rachel Maddow is absolutely brilliant. If you are not sure who David Kato is or why his story is important, you MUST watch this report. In it, she helps us connect the dots between the anti-gay religious right in the U.S. and the murder of Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato. It all started […]

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Controversy? Black Gay Families on Billboard

ShareTweet A billboard in Schnectady, NY is at the center of a controversy – Why? Because it features a photo of two black gay families with the headline “I Am Gay. And This is Where I Stay. We have always been a part of this community.” This is one, in a series of billboards, that […]

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