FULL EPISODE: Black Anti-Gay Hate Crime on Video, First Lady’s Make Up Artist, Bisexual Poet & The Black LGBT Project

ShareIn this all-new full episode 204 of NoMoreDownLow.TV, we investigate the savage beating of an openly gay black Atlanta man and ask: “Is being on the Down Low the new so-called Twinkie Defense?” Then, meet Oprah Winfrey and First Lady Michelle Obama’s make-up artist, who’s also worked with Patti LaBelle & more famous black women; […]

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ALL-NEW: Black Gay Hate Crime in Atlanta – Is the Down Low the New Twinkie Defense?

ShareIn this segment of episode 204 of NoMoreDownLow.TV, correspondent Mark Noble investigates the savage beating of Brendon White – an openly gay black man in Atlanta. The attack was caught on video and quickly went viral. The 20-year old victim, Brandon White did not initially report it until the video hit the Web. At one […]

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ALL-NEW: Oprah & First Lady Michelle Obama’s Make Up Artist

ShareIn this segment of episode 204, meet First Lady Michelle Obama’s make-up artist, Derrick Rutledge. Derrick has worked with Oprah Winfrey, Patti LaBelle, Yolanda Adams & more famous faces. Lawrencia Dandridge introduces us to the man who has the honor of making Michelle Obama look so glamorous. And we’ll find out first hand what it’s […]

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ALL NEW: Black, Bisexual & Beautiful Poet Yazmin Monet Watkins

ShareIn this segment of episode 204 of NoMoreDownLow.TV, we feature bisexual poet & spoken word artist Yazmin Monet Watkins. She talks about her journey and her new book “Love Without Limits — The Bi-Laws of Love.” WATCH NOW: Internationally renowned poet and spoken word artist Yazmin Monet Watkins explores her journey through bisexuality, religion, heartbreak […]

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ALL NEW: The Black LGBT Artists Project

ShareRecently, members of the visual arts community got together for a meeting of the minds. They started a crusade to highlight the works and names of black LGBT artists — it’s called the Black LGBT Project. Learn more in this segment of NoMoreDownLow.TV. WATCH NOW: Black LGBT Artists Project – Episode 204 of NoMoreDownLow.TV (Part […]

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Down Low Myths Debunked on Black AIDS Awareness Day

ShareToday is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. One of our goals at NoMoreDownLow.TV is to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in the black & LGBT communities and more importantly to debunk the myth that the “down low” is connected to rising HIV infection rates among black women. In this NoMoreDownLow.TV Newsbreak, NBA legend Magic Johnson tells […]

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