“Down Low” Myths

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The “Down Low” and HIV Myth

The term the “down low” is often used in the media to vilify black men who have sex with men.  Many want to point to the “down low” as the reason behind increased rates of HIV among black women. This article discusses how this perception is not reality.

The “Down Low is Blamed But Injection Drug Use Fuels Black HIV Rates - via Black AIDS Institute

“So much emphasis has incorrectly blamed the down low that there’s been a lack of focus on one of the real issues of why HIV is disproportionately affecting African Americans,” says Mary Beth Levin, at PreventionWorks! the District of Columbia’s largest program focused on protecting injection drug users. Levin notes that it’s far easier (and cheaper) to speculate about a “mythological person” than to fund education, testing and treatment for STDs such as HIV, comprehensive mental health and drug treatment, and overdose prevention and needle exchange.

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