Episode 111

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Episode 111 of NoMoreDownLow.TV features: 

Our co-hosts Janora McDuffie and Kendell Hogan report from Long Beach, where there has been reports of recent anti-gay hate crimes.

Segment 1 features Ravi Perry, an openly gay leader at the NAACP. Ravi Perry is the president of the Worcester, Massachusetts branch of the NAACP and joins the debate after the NAACP hosted an LGBT town hall meeting at their 2011 NAACP National Convention in Los Angeles.

Wanda Sykes, CNN’s Don Lemon, former NAACP president Julian Bond led a discussion on LGBT civil rights, “praying the gay away” and homophobia & hypocrisy in the black church.

The debate gets heated when the current NAACP president is asked how can the LGBT community take the NAACP seriously when its current board members are out saying that gay rights are not civil rights, referring to current NAACP board member Rev. Keith Ratliff recent statement “Gay community stop hijacking the civil rights movement.”

Current NAACP CEO Benjamin Jealous responded saying the gay community should take the NAACP seriously because the NAACP were there with the Human Rights Campaign helping to pass the Matthew Shepard / James Byrd Hate Crimes Bill. The NAACP were champions of fighting Prop 8 in California as well as fighting alongside the LGBT community in Maine, Massachusetts, in Washington D.C. and in Maryland, and in other places.

Jealous also pointed to the LGBT community to coming to the black community late in the game with an expectation and not treating the community with the same respect as others. Saying the LGBT community needs to show up early, organize and build relationships in the community.

Chonsie Bullock

In Segment 2: Meet Chonsie Bullock, an out and proud lesbian in Inglewood, CA, who has been a mechanic to the stars.

Carl Bean - Gay National Anthem

Then, in Segment 3…. Before Lady Gaga, there was another “Born This Way” anthem by openly gay Motown legend Carl Bean.

Darius Monroe

And in our final Segment 4, straight director Darius Monroe tells his story of how he went from prison to NYU Film School to screening his gay-themed story at the Outfest LGBT film festival.

For more information on the people and organizations featured in this episode, go to our Resources – As Seen in Episode 111 page.



Gay Leaders at the NAACP

NAACP hosts a historic town hall of LGBT issues with Wanda Sykes, Don Lemon and Julian Bond. Plus, meet one of the openly gay leaders at the NAACP.

Openly Lesbian Custom Motors

Meet & support Chonsie Bullock, an openly lesbian business owner of a custom motors auto shop.

Before Lady Gaga’s Born This Way

It wasn’t Lady Gaga that made “Born This Way” a gay anthem. A history lesson from Motown star Carl Bean who topped the charts with the gay anthem of the same name.

Straight Black Ally Directs Gay Film

Darius Monroe talks about going from prison to NYU film school to premiering his new gay-themed film at the Outfest LGBT film festival.

Bonus Video: Safety Tips from Deputy Landavazo

In light of the recent hate crimes, Deputy Sheriff Christopher Landavazo offers the LGBT community safety tips.


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