Episode 108

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NoMoreDownLow.TV investigates homophobia in hip hop after a Hot 97 DJ gets arrested with a transgender woman for lewd conduct; then, Kobe Bryant apologizes for his anti-gay slur but is it enough; and the underground hot spot where LGBT poets thrive at the “Damn Slam”; plus, our co-host Janora McDuffie continues to prepare for the AIDSLifecyle – a bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.


For more information on the community organizations or people featured in this episode, visit our Episode 108 Resource page!


Homophobia in Hip Hop

New York’s Hot 97 DJ gets caught in a park with a transgender woman and the hip hop community is all a buzz.

Kobe Bryant: Gay Basketball Players Speak Out

Kobe Bryant uses an anti-gay slur, apologizes, does a public service announcement, but is it enough? Gay basketball players speak out and invite Kobe out to play ball.

LGBT Poetry: The Damn Slam

Visit a Hollywood hot spot where underground poetry by LGBT people of color lives.

Janora McDuffie Pushes Forward with her AIDSLifeCycle Bike Ride

Our NoMoreDownLow.TV co-host Janora McDuffie continues to train for the AIDSLifeCycle. She loses her bike but meets an amazing woman, who’s riden since the ride’s inception.


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