Episode 107

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NoMoreDownLow.TV is out at Dinah Shore Weekend 2011 – the largest lesbian gathering in the world – and we investigates whether a venue was discriminating against a group of lesbian women of color; Two lesbians journey from coast to coast in the Queer Mobile Homecoming Project; an exclusive interview with Noah’s Arc co-stars – Doug Spearman interviews Darryl Stephens; plus, our co-host Janora McDuffie starts training for the AIDSLifecyle – a bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.


For more information on the community organizations or people featured in this episode, visit our Episode 107 Resource page!


Discrimination at Dinah Shore Weekend?

Women of color gather at Dinah Shore Weekend and face what some were calling discrimination.

Queer Black Mobile Homecoming

Follow two women as they journey from coast-to-coast gathering the untold stories of elder lesbians of color.

Exclusive: Darryl Stephens Interview

Doug Spearman interviews his Noah’s Arc co-star Darryl Stephens in this NoMoreDownLow.TV exclusive.

Janora McDuffie Trains for AIDSLifeCycle

Our NoMoreDownLow.TV co-host Janora McDuffie trains for the AIDSLifeCycle to raise money for the LA Gay & Lesbian Center & San Francisco AIDS Foundation.


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