Episode 105

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In honor of Black History Month, NoMoreDownLow.TV Episode 105 features has an exclusive interview with curator Trent Kelley who gives us a glimpse into rarely before seen photos of black gay men since the mid-19th Century – including a photo of black gay men during Civil War times. Plus, episode 105 takes us out to the first-ever LGBT night at an NBA game, including interviews with Magic Johnson, Sinbad, Fox Sports host Curt Manfee.  Meanwhile, if you haven’t met George King then get ready to start craving Doritos!  And finally, we visit the Butch Voices fashion show where NoMoreDownLow.TV meets up with the Dapper Bois.

For more information on the community organizations or people featured in this episode check out our Episode 105 Resource page.


Gay Night at the NBA

Mark Noble reports on the first-ever Equality Night for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender & allied basketball fans at an NBA Clippers game. Featuring interviews with Magic Johnson, Fox Sports host Curt Menefee and Sinbad.

Black Gay History Month

An amazing collection of photos of black men called “Hidden in the Open.” Collector & curator Trent Kelly invites us in and takes us on a black history tour, like no other, with images of black gay men from far back as the Civil War.

Doritos Hunk Comes Out

NoMoreDownLow.TV guest host Kendall Hogan gets an inclusive interview with the star of the un-aired Super Bowl Doritos commercial hunk George King.

Butch Voices Fashion Show

Lawrencia Dandridge reports on a Butch Voices gender bending fashion show that introduces us to the Dapper Bois.

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