Coming Out on ESPN with Hugh Jackman

ShareTweet Great commentary and story from LZ Granderson on how he came out of the closet on ESPN.  At an LA LAkers game, he was on camera bantering with a couple of the basketball players and asks about their Hollywood crush.  Soon, the tables turned and he was asked and said… “Eventually, I felt as […]

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Teena Marie: One of her final interviews

ShareTweet This weekend, the “Lovergirl” and “Ivory Queen of Soul” passed away. Teena Marie gives one of her final interviews to NoMoreDownLow.TV on the red carpet of Sheryl Lee Ralph’s annual AIDS Fundraiser, “Divas Simply Singing,” where she sang her hit Déjà Vu. She talks about the song she wrote for victims of Hurricane Katrina […]

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A DADT Moment In History

ShareTweet The 1963 March on Washington, police dogs attacking protesters in Selma, Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery,  are some of the famous images in civil rights history. In that same tradition, the images of a small group of LGBT veterans who handcuffed themselves to the gates of […]

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Gay Football Players Compete in New Documentary

ShareTweet Can football help fight homophobia?  This new documentary called “Flag Football: The Movie” looks at gay men playing competitive football.  Did you know that there was a National Gay Flag Football League with 21 member cities?   Every year, they compete at the National Gay Bowl. From the trailer, it already looks like it’s […]

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President Obama Signs “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Repeal!

ShareTweet Add this to the list of things that President Obama has done! At the press conference, President Obama said…. “This morning, I am proud to sign a law that will bring an end to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” …. This will will strengthen our national security and uphold the ideals that our fighting men […]

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ShareTweet We wanted to compile “It Gets Better” videos that were made by gay people of color and our allies. Watch President Obama, Rev. Kevin E. Taylor, B. Scott, Keith Powell (30 Rock) and Darryl Stephens to New York City Council Member Robert Jackson to Mystique Summers from RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s great to see […]

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