Celebrating Gay Black Couples

ShareTweet One of our favorite bloggers, Darian Aaron is set to release a new book this Spring called When Love Takes Over: A Celebration of SGL Couples of Color. It promises that it “reflects the lives of same-gender loving African-American men who defy the stereotype that either we’re not interested in loving committed relationships or […]

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Rihanna & Nicki Minaj Hook Up

ShareTweet Rihanna posted this photo with Nicki Minaj to Twitter last night.  Continuing to play up Nicki Minaj’s flirtation with bisexuality, Rihanna added:  “Me and Nikki in our new crib, lol! Gettin busy on the set of FLY!! It’s so hard to keep my hands off!” If you noticed, Rihanna spelled Nicki’s name wrong… which […]

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Jensen Atwood Shirtless for Love

ShareTweet Jensen Atwood (a.k.a. Wade from Noah’s ARC), posted a MUST WATCH video on YouTube this week. Jensen is in his bathroom, shirtless, combing out his hair and chopping it off.  All in the name of charity. He donated his braids to Locks of Love. WATCH HERE: Did you also know that he was a […]

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R&B Hip Hop Star Comes Out?

ShareTweet Early today, Out Magazine was falsely reporting that former B2K member Omarion came out of the closet as bisexual.  They pointed to a statement- which now the singer says was not him.  Another article that added more fuel to the fire brought Bow Wow into the conversation-  Sandra Rose: Omarion Confirms His Bisexuality. And then, […]

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Gay NBA Basketball Night Out

ShareTweet Great to see OutSports organizing a gay night to see an NBA basketball game here in Los Angeles.  The concept itself helps to break down stereotypes that gay men are not into sports.  Although, they are safely calling it “EQUALITY NIGHT” but everyone we know will refer to it as the gay night.  With […]

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Martin Luther King, Jr. for NoH8 in Atlanta

ShareTweet The gay & lesbian newspaper the GA Voice wants to push some buttons, featuring a photo of Martin Luther King, Jr. as the latest model of the now famous NoH8 campaign.  It’s the newspaper’s way of welcoming the NoH8 campaign to Atlanta but is sure to stir the pot since folks hate it when […]

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